Blu-ray Review: Tarja Turunen & Harus: In Concert - Live at Sibelius Hall

Tarja-whodi-whatty-what'n? Look, you even know who Tarja Turunen is, or you don't. If you don't, she is the ex-lead singer of the Finnish symphonic metal band, Nightwish. She has an amazing range and her vocals are haunting to say the least. Now out on a solo career, she strips (Don't get your hopes up) most of the metal and sticks more with the operatic and symphonic.

Review: Audio-Technica AT-LP60 USB Turntable

By now, I just expect all AT products to be stellar in both packaging, design and build quality. I was a bit hesitant with a turntable that retails for $149.99 but can be found online for less. I was expecting shortcuts, corners to be cut or something not up to snuff. Well, once again, Audio-Technica has established themselves as producers of amazing products at fair prices.