Why, you want to talk to us? We’re flattered! All this time, we thought you didn’t even know we existed! But I’m sorry to say we’re not interested. Like, what are we? Some kind of puppet for you? A marionette through which you can express your nerdy ramblings or peddle your wares and services? Why, the nerve--

Wait . . . I’ve just received a call from Management. Mm-hmm. . . . Community-based, you say? Advertising? Accepting contributions, are we? Oh dear.

Very well. I’ll set aside my rage (which is BLINDING) and begrudgingly present to you the following options:


Here at Digital Hippos, we know you; you’ve got something say, dammit! We hear you, we get it. There’s no need for the shouting and the cursing. Must you be so aggressive? There are better, faster ways to our hearts, you know. But we understand -- you’re passionate! Maybe you have a white-hot, must-see news tip for us? Maybe you fancy yourself a raconteur and are just looking for a home? If you answered an emphatic “YES!” to these questions, then this is the door to knock on.

Advertise with DH

Are you a sexy, smart, funny, charming advertiser interested in reaching a sexy, smart, funny, charming audience? Then you’ve come to the right place, Sexy! Here at Digital Hippos World Headquarters, we’re literally basking in the talented and hungry mind-rays of the Internet’s finest gaming, film, television, and music nerds. Their brilliance makes the building very bright -- bad for our eyes but good for business! That’s our business and your business! Did somebody say, “soul mates”? If you’d like to take our relationship to the next level, feel free to contact us here. We’d love to get to know you better!


Think you know better than us? Think we screwed up? Why, the gall you must have. Anyone with a curious mind or a chip on their shoulder can send their questions, comments and suggestions here.

(Really though, we’d love to hear from you. I know we put on a tough face, but you know we only do it because we love you, right? Really, so buck up -- and remember: you got that scarred ego from walking into a verbally abusive door.)

Press Releases

Do you have a mass announcement that you’re sending out to every editorial-type place under the sun? We’d be ever so grateful if you’d send that here, thanks.

Content Solicitations

Are you a publisher, developer, filmmaker, distributor, musician, label, public-relations troubadour, or anyone looking for a website to cover your thing-of-great-interest and/or your client’s thing-of-great-interest? We’d be happy to help you with that! All we ask is that you keep your request short and to the point. Brownie points if you can browse the site and target a specific writer whom you think would be particularly interested in your game/album/film/candy/alcohol/lingerie photos. You can send the latter three to me, Christian Higley, at-- hold on, “Management” is giving me that look again. . . . What!?