We're Going 4K!

Monoprice 4K

Why 4K?

If you've been to CES, any electronics store or heck, even your local Costco, you've probably been bombarded with buying a 4K display. While the imagery has been beautiful since the new higher resolution was released, the content video wise is so extremely limited, I hadn't given it much thought. After testing a ton of different monitors as of late, we've finally decided to stick with the Monoprice 28in 4K Display and man is it an amazing display. Not only is it a good looking display in the looks and design department, despite a few funny buttons to control menus, the image quality is absolutely stunning. Colors pop, white are bright as the sun but more importantly, this glossy display has some gorgeous blacks. After much deliberation, we've decided to go 4K! All our screenshots in the gallery will be in full 4k resoluton (Check out some samples below!) our videos, will be mastered in 4k as capture technology isn't quite there for 4k 60FPS gaming but stay tuned. Overall, this Monoprice 4K @ 60hz display deserves the highest praise we can give.


Sploosh. Gaming at 4K is a whole new world..

Gaming at 4K

So, still images and video is gorgeous at 4K but what about gaming? Well, I am pleased to say, it's absolutely stunning at 60 FPS on our NVIDIA SLI system. Two GTX 970s is working almost flawlessly in most games. Yes, Crysis 3 maxed out still kills our system but most games work perfectly fine if you have a beefy rig! Either way, we are sold on gaming at 4K and can't what to see what AMD and NVIDIA do next in their GPU lines to further the cause. Make sure you get a DisplayPort 1.2 compatible cable to do 60hz at 4K because trust us, 4K at 30hz gaming wise is horrid at best until someone perfects Freesync, Gsync, Nsync or whatever it's called this week. Overall, we are excited about this display. We are excited about 4K. We are excited to bring it to you here.

Final Verdict: 

The Monoprice 28in 4K display is a stunning leap in the world of 4K monitors. Not only is it sold at a fair price but it is loaded with features and the image quality is second to nine. Despite a few issues with the menu buttons, there is nothing but praise for this fantastic display. If you've got the rig to power it, 4K gaming at 60hz is jaw dropping.

4.5/5 Stars - Digital Hippos Highly Recommended