This Week in Blu-ray: Ronnie James Cleopatra

The Films

Today we feature two incredible different Blu-rays but actually pretty similar if you think about it. Dio Finding the Sacred Heart Live in 1986 and Cleopatra are extremely similar in the fact that they both feature long haired brunettes, both are feature amazing audio and both.. well.. that's about it for similarities. Either way, two quality releases that you don't want to miss if you are a fan of classic films or 80s metal. First off, the 50th Anniversary edition of Cleopatra is a marvel to behold realizing it was released clear back in 1963 and it still stands out as an amazing film. It's epic in every sense of the manner from Elizabeth Taylor's acting to the sets, costumes and big budget presence. Either way, if you have seen the film or not, this release on Blu is the version you should be watching, complete with a bunch of extras and archival footage.

Next, Dio is an epic as well, especially if you think metal, lasers and cheap robotic dragons are considered, well epic. Seriously though, this is an amazing concerts and whisks you back to a time when men were men and women were, well, they practically all look the same but Ronnie James Dio is in full effect here and even if you don't care for the genre, he rocks. His voice is clear, strong and pristine through the entire impressive set featuring hits like Holy DiverRainbow in the Dark and a ton more. This is the ultimate Dio experience that any fan should pick up. Also, it features the sweetest keyboard solo known by man..

The Video

Cleopatra is a beast to behold with a restored transfer that clocks in unto a second disc! Colors and blacks are stellar on the featured AVC encoding around 29 mbps. Trust me, you want to see this just to witness how far classics on Blu-ray have come.

Dio is not such a pretty picture. Even though it looks fine and is from 1986, the definition ranges from ok to muddy. I didn't expect a shocking transfer but it looks like little effort was put into restoring it.

The Audio

Once again, Cleopatra comes out swinging with an amazing 5.1 DTS-HD track along with several other languages and options. Great surrounds, clear dialogue; it's all here baby.

Dio oh.. how I love thy DTS-HD thunder in full 5.1 - This is how old concerts are done! Eagle Rock has gone above and beyond on this amazing track. Guitars scream (and so does Ronnie), drums pound and keyboards sing on this stellar track. Pick this one up for the sound alone!