Spotlight: The Witcher Adventure Game (PC)

The Scoop

Ahhhh... The Witcher! Even just WITCHER brings frothing, geeky madness to gamers everywhere. While we unfortunately have to wait a bit more to sink into The Witcher III, we can now whet our whistles on a complex but fantastic adventure in The Witcher Adventure Game. Put your thinking caps on because this is no Chutes and Ladders or Candyland. As you can see above, you can choose a selection of main character from the Witcher novels and previous titles in the games. Rules are complex but there is a tutorial and plenty of helping guides along the way. It's tough to master but a blast to pick up and sick your teeth into!

Why You Should Care

There are 1000s and 1000s of PC games out there to play right now. They range from horrible to downright polished and amazing. The older and crankier I get, the more I care about quality and polish. Well, this title has it in spades. The art is absolutely stunning, the effects are dazzling and the gameplay is solid. You can pick this up for a very low price on right now. GO GET EM TIGER!