Spotlight: Learn to Program with Minecraft

Learn to Program with Minecraft

Learning = Fun

So.. learning to program can really suck. I have not-so-fond memories of getting stoked about learning Visual C++ back in the late 90s and after a few hours of the course, I was ready to poke my eyes out. 50 lines of code just to get "Hello World" up on the screen?! Daddy is choosing another career. Enter Minecraft that has taken the world and parents' pocketbooks to the cleaners in popularity and power to tweak, mod and in this case, learn to program!

Honestly, the folks at No Startch Press have a history of mixing coding and fun, this, is no expection. It's the perfect blend of the two items and if you have a kid even remotely interesting in either subject, don't delay. Pick this sucker up ASAP!