Spotlight: The Latest Concert Blus - Imagine Dragons and Mika

Imagine Dragons Blu

Imagine Dragons: Smoke + Mirrors Live
June 3rd, 2016

There's that very rare occasion when all the stars align and every facet of something just comes together in a near perfect fashion. In the world of concert Blu-rays, it seems to be even more rare. Whether it's that the concert is awesome and the video is or horrid or vice versa, there usually seems to be some "gotcha" in almost every single release I've touched in the last several years. Luckily, lightning was struck twice and the latest from Eagle Rock is an absolute masterpiece.

Why might you ask? Well, let me start with the incredibly meaty tracklist starting off with the stellar "Shots" and hitting hard all the way up to an incredibly drum packed and energy driven "Radioactive" that rounds out the show all so well. Also, the video quality is top notch in detail, inky blacks, and incredible pops of color. Lastly, the audio tacks include a Dolby Atmos track that completely immerses. This is it folks, whether a rabid, casual, or not a fan at all, this 100% belongs in your Blu library!

Mika Blu

Mika: Sinfonia Pop
Available Now

And hot off the heels of the incredible and extremely rare 5/5 stars Imagine Dragons: Smoke + Mirrors Blu, comes the perfect example of how one aspect of the concert can just bring the entire disc way down. The video? Just fine. The audio? Gorgeous and clear. The concert? WTF was this production crew thinking? Seriously, probably one of the worst artists to be accompanied by a full symphonic orchestra, my favorite songs such as "Grace Kelly" and "Love Today" sound like a bad mix between a symphony and a Saturday Morning Cartoon. Yes, Mika has some zany songs but most of the tracks are an octave way too high and the inclusion of timpani drums and strings are just bad, bad, bad! Only for the superfan, otherwise, this is just grating to the ear throughout most of the show. Back to Imagine Dragons I guess... ;-)