Spotlight: It's Myst Week!


The Beginning

Clear back in September of 1993, the world of games changed forever when the wizards at Cyan unleashed a unique and revolutionary juggernaut that captured the hearts and minds of many; Myst was the title. Not only did the game feature stunning pre-rendered graphics but integrated Quicktime video and some of the best (still) ambient sounds and music ever. Brother Rand and Robyn Miller went from a team who had worked on smaller exploratory titles to instant success. I have fond memories myself of seeing and hearing Myst on a friend's 486 computer, I was instantly hooked. While I sucked at the puzzles, the graphics, sound and music have stuck with me ever since. What is your favorite Myst memory? Let us know in the comments section below.


Myst was released for almost every system under the sun in the mid 90's, including the Phillips CDI. You owned a CDI, right? Right?!

Kickstarter and Looking Forward

This week here at Digital Hippos, to celebrate the new Cyan Kickstarter for Obduction, we are taking a look backwards, a look at Cyan today and a look forward into the exciting new projects that lay in store for all of us gamers. To start out, be sure to check out the current releases of Myst Masterpiece Edition on both Steam and GOG. They are the definitive version of the classic that will run on modern computers and operating systems. Dive in again or for the first time, to be enchanted by this detailed and amazing world created by Cyan. Tomorrow we'll be taking a look at the sweet little title realMyst for those who want a little 3D accelation in their Myst. Share you stories and comments in the section below and watch for more Myst action coming soon!