Spotlight: Gaming Goodness February 2013

TERA: Rising / Free to Play MMORPGs

What's all this crazy talk about free to play games? Is it really free? Is it too good to be true? Am I going to be bombarded by microtransactions and ads? Well, the answer to those questions are not universal. Despite many MMORPGs going free to play (TERA, LOTRO, some beginning areas of WoW, to name a few), there is a major trend happening in online gaming. In my own personal opinion, this can be a grand and glorious thing if done right. Where so many do it wrong, the freshly launched TERA: Rising  does it oh so right. There are no annoying nags to purchase things. There are no intrusives ads to bother you but best of all, the FULL game is available at your fingertips for free. Yes, 100% free. There are some cool skins, costumes, boosts, etc that you can purchase but nothing that is required. We got to play around with the Elite Pack and some killer bonuses and mounts make it worth the money. This game features stunning graphics, sounds and a huge world to explore. Check it out HERE


System Shock 2 /

If you haven't experienced the nostalgic goodness of, now is your time to check it out. Featuring hundreds of old school and newer games ranging from the 2013 to the glorious DOS days of the early and mid 90s, this site is a gold mine for gamers. One title that has been on the wish list for ages is the brilliant yet frightening System Shock 2 from the mind of Bioshock creator, Ken Levine. This version has been updated to work on the latest Windows OS' and worked like a champ on my Windows 7 64 bit box @ 2560x1440. This game isn't for the light hearted gamer looking for a fun frolic through grass meadows, no, this is intense, dark and exciting all at the same time. Whether you played it at launch or are just discovering it, this is a gem in the gaming world for a reason. You can check out more info, read reviews or purchase the full game HERE