Spotlight: Game Art

Game Art Sainsbury

Game Art
by Matt Sainsbury
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Are video games art? It's a question that's asked (too) often and it's really a silly one. Why? Because of, number one, OF COURSE they are art, just in digital form. Number two, games and graphics are becoming more and more powerful allowing digital artists to express their works. I love art. I love games. I love bacon. Oh wait, focus, GAMES! ART! W00t! I was a little hesitant of this book and the title, which is honestly pretty bland. None of that matters as the book is bursting with quality interviews, full and half page art. Of course, some of the Lollipop Chainsaw art seems a little out of place amongst the other pieces but, that's all part of the gaming industry right? Japan always tends to export.. "interesting" art. Luckily, there's no tentacles here.

In the end, this is a solid title with quality design and excellent content. It's a steal of a deal for what you are getting and anyone remotely interested in games, art or both, this is a no brainer purchase.