Spotlight: Frozenbyte - The Beauty of Trine

Trine Frozenbyte

The Legacy

Ahhhh, the nerdy satisfaction of launching an unknown title and immediately being totally engrossed, blown away, and overall impressed by such gaming goodness. That is how I felt in the summer of 2009 when the folks at Frozenbyte launched Trine and at that time, I bought it and downloaded from one of those crappy PC gaming sites that had their own patches that usually came out months after the Steam or retail patches. Anywho, I was blown away by the physics, the graphics, the solid gameplay and a magical journey that was unmatched in every category.

Fast forward a few years and not only did Trine 2 absolutely blow away it's predecessor in every department, which is no small task, it was one of the first games to acheive our 5 star rating. Now that Trine 3 is in early access on Steam and will be upon us fully later this year, we want to look back at the stunning technical and artistic acheivement that is the Trine series. Check out our high res video below and especially, the full blown 4K screenshots in the gallery. You can find the Trine series now on Steam and other digital platforms. And heck, if any stores around actually sell physical PC games still, you can probably find you a copy there as well.