Spotlight: Eagle Rock April 2013 - Alanis/OMD

The Films

Eagle Rock continues their amazing streak of releasing some amazing concert selections on Blu-ray with both Alanis Morissette Live at Montreux and OMD Live Architecture & Mortality & More. Both are a stellar example of not only concerts done right but also, Blu-rays done right. Starting with Alanis, even though she seems quite stoned, she is at the top of her games with some of her biggest hits both old and new. Her bad sounds grungy and organic, just like most of their live engagements. The set list is strong and dynamic, just like Alanis and her band. A great concert even if strange to see Alanis so close up looking.. strange. On the OMD side of the fence, they are a blast to watch and even though aging, they definitely have more energy than I do. The set list is also very strong but I was sad to see Secret missing from the list. Either way, a very energetic performance is yours to be had and these guys are still rockin' it.

"I'm movin' to Colorado for obvious reasons."

The Video

Concerts are definitely a mixed bag and what we have here in this situation. While both discs sport a 1080i transfer, the OMD selection is most more clear, sharp and defined. Alanis, even though only a year old, as you can see from the screenshot above, there are a lot of problems with the transfer. Detail is muddy and a bit grainy but not in the classic respect but just messy. OMD luckily is a much more stable and enoyable but both transfers are servicable. Overall, a solid effort but I was let down by the Alanis release.

The Audio

Luckily, both concerts offer a full LPCM stereo track as well as DTS-HD 5.1 tracks. All the audio options in both releases are full, dynamic and lows sound great. Overall, the OMD release sounds more clear but that is also the nature of the music compared to the grunge/garage sound on the Alanis concert. Vocals are stellar on both and so are the lows and mids in drums and percussion. These are both great tracks and you will not be left wanting. Kudos to Eagle Rock!

"Denny's Senior Discount active. Meet you there after the show."