Review: Vikings Season 1 Blu-ray

Vikings Blu-ray

The Film

So you think you're a Vikings expert eh? Well, without a proper written history, we have to piece together tales, legends and other bits of information to complete a history. That is exactly what MGM has done here for the History Channel and now this masterpiece is out on Blu-ray. Honestly, we here at Digital Hippos are getting buried with quality releases not only in hardware and software but the Blu-ray arena as well. We'll of course never complain but relish in all the media goodness that is abound and that being said, Vikings is one of the best surprised we've had in a long time! While taking liberties with this story line, Ragnar and his band of merry (not really merry) men seek out to find what's west. The local leader and chieftan Earl Haraldson is a ruthless leader and does not approve of Ragnar and his ramblings. Let's just say things get hairy REALLY quick. I don't want to spoil any of the story as that is part of the magic of this series but let's just say you'll be hooked on shieldmaidens, Floki and other goodness. The production values are amazing and this is a brutal yet beautiful show. You must check this out ASAP even if you are remotely interested in history, action or Scandnavian culture. Or, heck, maybe your in the mood for  just like some killer swordplay, you'll still be hooked by the characters and story.

Vikings Blu-ray

Floki sings "Do You Really Want to Hurt Me? Do you really wanna make me cry?"

The Video

Now that we have established that the film is a no brainer in quality, action, plot and history, how does the video stand up? How about sharp, beautiful, detailed and at times, stunning? That is not unlike the story so we get it all here really, especially with the audio package but more on that later. Back to the visual portion of Vikings, you are in for a real treat. Detail, as you can see from these screenshots, is exceptional. Most of the characters are dirty, grungy and soiled (I like that word) just like vikings should be. There is a wide variety to show off here including crackling fire, lush waterfalls and plenty of close ups. All look amazing honestly. Blacks are deep, colors pop and effects look fantastic overall. Major kudos to the producers of this gorgeous series.


Vikings Blu-ray

Coolest. Menus. Ever.

The Audio

Like I mentioned before, Vikings Season 1 is the complete package. Rounding off an already incredible product, the DTS-HD Master Audio track is a tapestry of audio goodness weaved into thundering battles, subtle moments of romance and musical beauty mixed with strong dialogue moments. There is plenty of ear candy to be had here but what's amazing is that this competes with some of the larger full motion picture soundtracks that I have heard. Blistering sea storms, sharp knife slices and thunder that rocks your subwoofer are all here along with moments of dialogue and whispering that sound just as good. This is a beautiful yet deadly soundtrack and it needs to be cranked to be appreciated. Enjoy my brothers!

Vikings Blu-ray

"It's just a flesh wound." "No it's not, you've got a sword stuck in your chest!" "I've had worse!" "You liar!"

Final Verdict: 

Vikings is one of the most pleasant (albeit dark) surprises I have had in quite some time. The production values are off the charts and you'll be instantly hooked by the characters and story. Although questionably trying to be too "edgy" at times, this release has stunning video quality, pounding yet beautiful audio and something unique you just don't find in most TV series today. Check this out now!

4.5/5 Stars -- Digital Hippos Highly Recommended