Review: Life of Pi Blu-ray

The Film

It's a bit strange watching a film for the first time after a pile of Academy Awards have been thrust upon it. Not only are expectations raised but also, you tend to be a bit more critical of what you are seeing. Luckily, Life of Pi is deserving of all those accolades and after the first few minutes, I already knew I was in for a cinematic treat. Despite some very exciting scenes, this is not your average cookie cutter Hollywood production. It is a stunning mix of humor, drama, action, and emotion, all with a religious (or not) undertones. That is what makes the story of Piscine (or Pi) so extraordinary and one that is best seen than describe or read about. What does this movie even mean? What really happened at the end? This is all for each viewer to figure out, digest and enjoy. Either way, this film was four years in the making and Ang Lee and Co. deserve every bit of praise that has been shoved their way. Even if you aren't interested in this movie, you at least need to check it out once.

Cue Eye of the Tiger theme.

The Video

Just watch the first few minutes of the intro scene and you're eyes will be convinced of this masterful 1:85 transfer from Fox. This isn't just a wonderful video presentation, it's an absolute dream. Depending on the time of day or the mood, the ocean is deep blue or a mirror like sheen that is bathed in golds, oranges and yellows. How about that for a poetic description? Well, it may sound dramatic but every scene, every frame of Life of Pi is a work of art and this Blu-ray does it the justice it deserves. Detail is deep and lifelike while only a very few seconds of the tiger look a bit unrealstic. Regardless, color is vivid and spot on and blacks are immense and deep. Even in the stormy action scenes, this disc is a stunner. If you love reference quality video, look no further that Pi.

This video transfer is no sloth. Get it? No.. sloth.. like.. nevermind.

The Audio

If you don't get enough eye candy from this release, at least you can cram your ears full of audio goodness with this masterful DTS-HD 5.1 track that will not leave you wanting. Besides some very quiet dialogue that I had to crank my receiver to hear, everything about this mix is subtle yet extremely powerful in the same sense. The stormy boat scene (I won't ruin it for you) is a demo worthy scene that is not only an amazing technical marvel but an audio equivalent to a jackhammer. It has a ton of LFE but the surrounds as so active and engaging, I felt like I was drowning. I tried to come up with a few words while I was watching the film to describe the audio. Confident, punchy and potent were a few overdramatic terms that I thought of. Either way, the music, the dialogue, the sounds of ocean and animals alike, all are a huge chunk of ear candy for any audiophile. Kudos to Fox and team!

Final Verdict: 

Those who wants clear cut meaning, beginning, ending and explanation in their films, will probably be left a bit lost with Life of Pi. Those who want to ponder and digest what they have seen for weeks to come, will love Life of Pi. With a stellar video and powerful video, and a load of well done extras, this Blu-ray belongs in everyone's library.

4.5/5 Stars -- Digital Hippos Recommended