Review: Infinity Blade III


The image above is not a piece of artwork. It's a direct screenshot from Infinity Blade III which is a piece of art.. Anyway, we'll get to the graphics later but just so we are clear, this is a game but also a wonderful piece of technological art and a huge leap in mobile gaming as a whole. Back to the game itself, after one of the coolest intros EVER, on ANY platform, you know you are in for something special. I have to admit, while I enjoyed the first two titles in the series, they still felt like big tech demos more than anything. From the opening seconds of the game, I was amazed, and pleased, to see that this could easily stand on its own as a AAA console title. Seriously, if there was a way to swipe my finger/hand across my 60" plasma TV, it would be bliss. I digress, with all new characters, enemies, locales, items and potion crafting (!), there is a plenty to do. For some reason, dodges and parries just feel more natural and the game as a whole is polished to a spit shine. Collecting items, ingredients and opening chests are not only fun, the items are awesome. This is the perfect definition of improving a series and for the folks at ChAIR Entertainment, the third time is definitely a charm.

Oh. Em. Gee. This game is gorgeous!

Graphics and Sound

So, you think you have seen some pretty awesome iOS games out there right? Wrong. While the previous Blade games were gorgeous in their own right, Infinity Blade III surpasses them and any other mobile game out there in spades. Not only is it a technological marvel but the art aspect of the game is stellar as well. The intro, which I cannot express enough how awesome it is, is amazingly fitting as an opening, the whole game is consistently beautiful from scorching deserts to dim and dank underground passages to pristine lakes, I've died and gone to graphical geek heaven. The animations are stellar, especially the stealthy slink of Isa. I won't ruin anything about the characters or story but let's just say that Isa kicks some serious arse. While it looks good on modern devices, the iPhone 5s ups the ante with anti aliasing and other incredible effects that shouldn't be missed.

The audio portion of the game is equally impressive with some limited but fantastic voice acting, bombastic musical score and pounding sound effects. The swings of swords, axes, claws, etc cut through the air and land with brutal force. This is a wonderful sounding piece of ear candy that will have you begging more. No complaints in this department rather, a huge heap of praise.

Nice.. kitty?


If you can't tell by my comments so far, I have been blown away by Infinity Blade III. I honestly expected just a slight upgrade from the previous game but in every way, shape and form, this game blows the doors off mobile gaming. It's not only bigger, better, badder and gorgeous looking, it's a lot more fun to play than the previous entries as well. I had a rough time pulling away from the game to even write this review! While I usually am bored of mobile games in a few hours, despite quality, I will be playing this for a long time to come. With constant updates and improvements, this game is a no brainer for your iOS library. 

This game is FAT.. with content.

Final Verdict: 

In a massive leap for mobile gaming, Infinity Blade III redefines the genre and raises expectations for other mobile developers. Deep, lengthy and chock full of content, not to mention beautiful graphics and sound, this game delivers in spades.

5/5 Stars -- Digital Hippos Highly Recommended