Review: Dying Light (PC)

Dying Light


ZOMBIES!!! BRAAAAINS!!! Does that get you excited? For some, it's like a mating call to their entertainment senses. From Shaun of the Dead to Plants vs Zombies to The Walking Dead, zombies are all the rage right? For me, I just can't seem to get into the craze but I respect those who can. Techlands Dying Light not only ups the ante, it made me somewhat interested in the whole thing. After an extremely drawn out "tutorial" and intro, I was already getting leary of the whole thing, luckily, the exploration starts and a HUGE open yet detailed world is at your fingertips (or lead pipe). The action is slow paced at first but then you start running into some bigger, faster, stronger zombies and you really start to run, jump and parkour your way into something special. Finding, crafting and bashing peeps up is half the fun and I loved searching every nook and cranny for goodies. Co-op also is a riot with a fellow player helping you out in the action. For every thing cool in the game, there are little quirks here and there such as that much too long intro and the standard story of a zombie cure. Other than that, it's a bashing good time to be had solo or with a friend.. or a sweaty stranger across the Internet.

Dying Light

"Danny Glover say WHAAAT?!"

Graphics and Sound

As you can see from the screenshots, the pallette of colors doesn't change a whole lot. There are A LOT of oranges and blues in this game but it help adds to the desperation and overall sufficating mood of the game. It ran well on our GTX 970 SLI setups (Even at 3.5 GB of RAM!) but there were some glitchy shadows and slowdowns that seemed to spell "not fully optimized quite yet". Either way, this game has some gorgeous moments, especially dimly lit tunnels and interiors. Characters are rendered well and overall, this is a purty game.

On the sound front, there is some haunting music and some solid smashing of parts and bits. Setting of a pack of firecrackers in a crowd of walkers is quite satisfying but once again, we are plagued with game developers having to make every other word the F bomb. Seriously, intelligent writing needs to replace this endless drool of profanity. Just take Half Life 2 as an example of a solid, adult story without all the crap. In the end, this is a solid sonic package and I know zombie lovers won't be disappointed.

Dying Light

"No, serious, come take a hit off this pipe.."


Ahhhh.. zombie bashing. In the end, it looks nice, sounds great and has some solid if quirky mechanics but is it any fun to play? Definitely. Especially if you are into the whole zombie craze and open world exploration with a bit of dark humor and horror mixed in. I think playing co-op, like any game that supports it, is the way to go but solo players won't be let down either. Half of the fun is searching, crafting and seeing what crazy weapons you can come up with, story is definitely secondary. With so many zombie offerings out there, Dying Light is near the top of your entertainment options in the world of the undead.

Final Verdict: 

When it comes right down to it, Dying Light is just a super cool game. It mixes a whole range of emotions from excitement to dread to humor clear down to absolute disgust. When you are bashing these zombies up with an adjustable wrench, they don't just feel like zombies, for better or for worse, it's much more than that. With stellar graphics and an immense open world, you can overlook the overstretched intro and other minor flaws. Zombie lovers, rejoice!

4/5 Stars -- Digital Hippos Recommended