Review: Dragonborn PC Version


On 11-11-11, (Has it been that long?!), Skyrim swept the gaming scene with all the nerdy goodness that we were longing for. A huge, open-ended world, hundreds of quests, thousands of places to explore, plunder arnd loot and on the PC version, dozens of nude mods to be had. Oh, but there is more! Official DLC from Bethesda has been raining down upon us and oh, how glorious it is. After a release on Xbox 360, now the PC version of Dragonborn is here for us to sink our teeth into. After a bit of being lost trying to figure out where to start the questline, we were instantly whisked away on a magical boatride to the island of Solsteim (I don't want to ruin all the surprises!). Solsteim is filled with some amazing creatures, enemies, weapons and dank dungeons to explore. While the area isn't huge, it's definitely well designed and is up there on the strange factor. The Dark Elves are quite the weirdies. Let's just say that you encounter another Dragonborn (!) named Miraak and he has cult issues. This expansion is definitely one of the better pieces of DLC from Bethesda and I found to be quite intrigued by the plot. Trust me, Skyrim fans, jump into this and you won't be disappointed with the gameplay or story..

Freaky Looking Cultists? Check.

Graphics and Sound

There is no doubting that Skyrim is one of the best looking games on PC right now. With mods, it's absolutely stunning. Bethesda has already released an official high resolution pack for Dragonborn, so, props to them for caring about us PC gamers! Also, the island of Solstheim is dark and dank place but it is also gorgeous in some areas. The beginning dungeon where you chase Miraak and his freaks around, is particularly beautiful. While there are some ugly textures here and there, this is a solid graphical package that is very nice indeed, especially the robes and masks of the cultists. Yummy. Also, do not fear because there are already dozens of solid mods to make this piece of DLC look even better or you can tweak it for the rest of your life. Don't worry, your grandma's basement is secure.

The audio portion of the game is even more solid that the visual. Swelling music, bonecrunching beatdowns and strange ambient noises are all present here. It's nice to have the audio cranked and immerse yourself into this piece of aural goodness. Bethesda has spared nothing in this arena and it definitely shows. The voice acting also is of note as it is haunting and solid. I loved the cast of characters and I am sure you will enjoy it as well. Crank it, crank it loud. 

Wait a second, is this a scene from Twilight?


Is Dragonborn fun? Well, that depends on what kind of gamer you are. Are you tired of wandering the world of Tamriel and get bored at the thought of exploring more? Well, then this piece of DLC isn't for you. But, if you are itching for a solid questline and story in a brand new piece of geography? If so, then you will love Dragonborn. I found it to be quite intriguing after several 100 hours of regular gameplay in the main quest but I also felt a little depressed in the gloomy surroundings. Either way, this is a solid piece of DLC and I think any fan of Skyrim should snatch it up ASAP. FUS-RO-DAH!


Final Verdict: 

In the end, this piece of DLC definitely scratches the itch that many of us fans have been clamoring for. It's large, it's a great value and it's a quality yet haunting storyline. The PC version is gorgeous and brought to life by many available mods. If you are jonsing for another dive into the world of Skyrim, this is your opportunity.

4/5 Stars