Review: Diablo III Xbox 360 Version


Last year, many a geek were anticipating one of the most sought after titles ever in the history of PC gaming, Diablo III. Finally, we got our hands on this delicious little gem and while many were satisfied, many were left wanting. The loot was a bit lacking, the story was questionable and skills were needing to be tweaked. A little rumour was floating around about a console version of the game but many believed it could or would not be done. Enter September 2013 and the Xbox 360 we tested actually felt.. better than the PC version. Apart from the new dodge/roll feature, the inventory is streamlined for a controller but even more of note, there are offline modes, no auction house and a similar but BETTER loot system! Even though not always 100%, the targeting feels right, the auto upgrade feature is handy, etc. The core game is still intact here but it's almost as if the game was designed from the beginning with consoles in mind. For better or for worse, this is the definitive version of the game currently. 

Still gorgeous. Still delicious.

Graphics and Sound

The visual portion of Diablo III carry over quite well from the PC version of the game. Despite a few jaggy edges that can't be anti aliased out, this game is still as beautiful as ever. From creepy woods to stagnant swamps to beautiful vistas as shown above, the art team at Blizzard know what they are doing. While some of the character models are of extremely low polygon count, overall, there still is a nice polish to the game. The cinematics on the other hand look even better on our 60" plasma than they ever have. They are gorgeous and some of the best coming out of the Blizzard.

The audio portion is also the exact same as the original which is still a good thing. MOST of the voice acting is stellar and the sound effects are top notch to be sure. Whether smashing skulls with a Barbarian or flinging lightning with the Wizard, there is plenty to drool out in the audio department of the game. Amazing stuff that has to be cranked on a 5.1 system to be appreciated.


Well, the console version of this game is great is all other areas but is it any fun? I have to say, after being burnt on the PC version, starting up and playing this game on my big screen on the couch was like starting a new game. While familiar, it just flows better on console and the biggest joys: Offline mode and better loot! Less loot dropped than the PC version but it was so much more fun and useful. Honestly, I feel a bit split between loving the console version but wondering why the PC version lingers, almost forgotten. Either way, if you want to play Diablo III for the first time or the 50th, the 360 version is the way to go. Demons out!

Final Verdict: 

Whether you played Diablo III or not on PC beforehand, the console version is the current definitive version of the game. Whether soloing offline or tearing it up with 4 players online, this game delivers.

4/5 -- Digital Hippos Recommended