Review: Deadfall Adventures PC Version

Deadfall Adventures


So you want to be an adventurer 'eh? Well, now you can search for lost treasure, blast Nazis (Yay!) and other baddies whilst solving puzzles in ancient lands. When I first saw the press releases and previews for Deadfall Adventures, I was instantly hooked. I am a huge Indiana Jones fans and anything of this old school adventure type gets my heart pumping and my nerd blood a flowin'. Well, I can gladly say that this is a fun if flawed little title from the folks at Nordic Games and The Farm 51. It's extremely ambitious with a load of multiplayer modes, maps and content. Also, the single player campaign ranges from the scorching Sahara sands to the Arctic and many other locations in between. The gun and core gameplay, including puzzles is a mixed bag (Sorry, I'll be using this term a lot in this review) that range from mindless fun to just poor. The dynamite scenes are so laughable, I just grin.. but it gets old quick. Some of the pistols are fun to play but nothing ground breaking. Multiplayer is a mix of the classic modes we all grew up but there was hardly any players on the servers during review. Overall, this is a simple, quirky yet enjoyable adventure that you can waste a few lazy afternoons on.

Deadfall Adventures

"No means no, Quartermain or not!"

Graphics and Sound

As you can see from the various screenshots scattered throughout this review and the gallery as well, there are some fine looking moments to be had in the game. From dry, dusty deserts to creepy old tombs and the baddies that inhabit them, technically and artisically, this is a fine looking title. I definitely enjoyed the locales and moody atmosphere the most while some textures were so bad upclose, they looked a few generations old. Also, effects range from gorgeous to laughable, just like most of the game. As you can tell by now, this is a tough review to write and score because for every gorgeous moment, there is an ugly one right around the corner. That being said, the PC version definitely has higher resolutions, FOV settings and a plethora of sliders to play with. There is a strange coat of blurriness that I noticed even with the settings maxed out and anti aliasing turned off. Overall, a nice graphical package that won't offend the eye too much.

Audio wise, we get even more of a mixed bag here with Deadfall. There are some bombastic music numbers and also some subtle melodies that are all quite good. Sound effects range from glorious to passable. The biggest issue is with the completely uneven voice acting, especially from some of the main characters. I chuckled at a few lines but groaned and so many more. Long gone are the days were you have a big release like this that has such mixed quality in voice acting. That extra budget is worth it when it comes to voice actors. Overall though, this is a good audio package mixed with some poor elements.

Deadfall Adventures

"Twas the night before multiplayer and all through the server, not a creature was stirring, not even one player."


Enough chat, let's talk turkey. Is this game any fun? It is, in the crazy serial of old with a lot of camp mixed with a dashes of superstition and paranormal activity. Is it a perfect game? Not even close. Does it warrant a play through? Sure! I did have some fun and couldn't help but to like and admire the big ambitions the team involved have when making this game. I just wished there was a little bit more of modern gunplay (cover mayhaps?) or other tweaks that could really make the game shine. Either way, this is something unique in an ocean of clones and unoriginality. Take up your pistols, dyanmite and journals; let's take an adventure around the world! /cheesy voice off

Final Verdict: 

There is an endearing charm lying deep within Deadfall Adventures and in a few moments of the game, it comes bubbling to the surface only to be quickly driven back by poor shooting mechanics or groan inducing one liners. There is a lot of camp in the game and some of it works, some of it doesn't. Some of the environments are gorgeous, most of the sound is solid, some of it, a big mixed bag. In a season of blockbusters, new gaming systems and a ton of games to play, Deadfall is both a blessing and a curse.  Overall though, it's a great game to play on a rainy night, especially if you enjoy the likes of Indiana Jones and tales of Quartermain.

3.5/5 Stars