Review: Chasing Mavericks Blu-ray


The Film

Surfing is not a popular genre in Hollywood as of late but that is what makes them intriguing nonetheless. Of course, with something somewhat different, I become a bit hesitant, especially when the title is stamped with "Based on a True Story". That phrase has become both a blessing and a curse on expectations for moviegoers. I came in with no expectations and came away satisfied with Chasing Mavericks. Based on the true story of surfer/adventurer Jay Moriarity, this film is a compliation of his rough childhood and exploits surfing Half Moon Bay at a very young age. Another strange mixed bag, there are some truly stunning moments of surfing and drama mixed with teenage angst that is about as powerful as an episode of Saved by the Bell. Some of the younger actors really struggle portraying emotional while Gerald Butler (Frosty..) and newcomer Jonny Weston do quite well in their roles. Besides an exciting yet semi-tragic ending, this is a pretty average film mixed with some incredible surfing scenes. It's a worthy of a lazy Saturday afternoon viewing, and the whole family can join in if they are interested at all in surfing.

"Hiccup! Err.. Jay, keep paddling!"

The Video

Fox's 1:85 1080p video transfer is absolutely stunning. Five stars. Two thumbs up. Whatever description you'd like, through it in there. The scenery around the California coast is extremely detailed along with closeup on faces, surfboards, waves and vegetation. This is a purty looking film and the solid blacks, vivid colors and sharp detail is what Blu-ray is all about. This film is a stunning acheivement in the surfing footage that often caught me wondering how they pulled off these scenes, unless Gerard Butler truly is a surfer, which I highly doubt. Either way, you will be pleased with this video and I can't think of anything to improve upon it.

"If I get cast in one more cheesy chick flick, I'll drive off that cliff!"

The Audio

When I first saw the cover of Chasing Mavericks I really wasn't expecting a bombastic audio track or better yet, anything that was stunning by any measure. Well, color me surprised as the DTS-HD 7.1 track present here almost matches the flawless video track. Waves and surf crashing pounded my subwoofer into submission without sounding boomy or overdone. Dialogue was sharp and crystal clear while the heavy music tracks sounded sublime without drowning out the other effects or voices. Rarely is there surprises in Blu-ray audio anymore but I was definitely pleased and surprised by how well this mix ended up. Dim the lights, crank up the volume and enjoy this breezy flick and outstanding Blu-ray presentation.

Final Verdict: 

Amateur teenage acting aside, Chasing Mavericks is a breezy yet powerful film, mainly due to its amazing surfing scenes. If you can look past a few missteps, you will enjoy this Blu-ray with its stunning audiovisual presentation that's honestly worth every penny.

4/5 Stars