Review: Cavimanus, the Gaming Headset from GX Gaming


When playing online games we like to feel the ringing in our ears after an explosion or the roar of a race car’s engine and the Cavimanus headset from GX Gaming (Genius) lives up to this gaming expectation! The headset is a shiny black with silver and red accents which gives it a very menacing (or should I say manus-ing? See what I did there?) look. While turned on there is a pretty blue LED light that shines next to the volume button that contrasts nicely with the black. The band is adjustable to fit over even the biggest of domes and sits comfortably, but if worn for a few hours it can get a bit sweaty and hot. The “muffs” that cover the ears are rectangle shape and cradle the ear nicely. They are nice a spacious so you ears don’t get to warm and stay relatively comfortable.

Performance and Sound Quality

While the sound quality isn't phenomenal or magnificent it gets the job done. The best feature is the vibration. It creates a very nice sub woofer feel which is great for base beats in your favorite tunes or the explosion of a frag grenade at your feet. As mentioned above, the sound quality is nothing special. It just doesn't have the crispness like other more expensive headsets, but for the price it’s decent. In fact I enjoyed it quite a bit with the vibration on, especially during explosions! Another cool feature is the microphone which folds up into the “muff” (off position). This is a very nice feature because it grants the ability to quickly and easily turn the microphone on and off. Unfortunately, the Cavimanus only works for the PC. So if you play strictly on consoles look elsewhere but for the PC gamer this could be the headset you’re looking for. The software that comes with the headphones makes it possible to adjust and alter the sound to fit your needs. It’s fairly extensive and user friendly which are too qualities that don’t usually accompany each so I was impressed!


For the price the Cavimanus is a decent headset to have. The sound quality isn't to the degree it could be but it is still good. The sub woofer effect from the vibration is amazing and makes up for the lack of that really crisp sound we’re used to in today’s headsets. The design is awesome and fairly comfortable. All in all Cavimanus is a headset that gets the job done and looks good doing it.