Review: The Book of Unwritten Tales 2 (PS4)

The Book of Unwritten Tales 2

Intro and Gameplay

Even though I didn't grow up playing many adventure games as it was past my era, I'm not a total younger, snobish type gamer either! I appreciate a good adventure like I appreciate a cold, nasty beer.. oh, whoops, did I type that? I'm supposed to be a proper lady. Well, my fine fellows, this is quite an extraordinary adventure taking place in a whimsical.. ok, enough. This much polished sequel compared to 2009's initial entry has made it's way to consoles and more particularily, our review PS4. Awesome. I was initially surprised at how beautiful the title looks and wow, how far we've come in console gaming. Either way, the controls are definitely something you'll have to get used to as it as you control the character directly without a pointer or walking icon of sorts. Also, the hotspots of the items only appear when you get closer to them. It's a completely different feel from the PC version but by golly, it works! This is a fantastic adventure that if you can't enjoy, you are a cold-hearted heathen. There, take that.

The Book of Unwritten Tales 2

Graphics and Stuff

I already mentioned it's beautiful so what more do you want from me?!?! Ok, ok. I'll give you the deets. It looks just as good as the PC version but actually adds a bit of anti aliasing as well. Technically, the title won't blow any socks off but for a console title and honestly more so, artistically, this is adventure eye candy at it's finest. Oh, so you Halo and Call of Duty peeps don't like lush, cartoonish adventure game graphics. Fine. Don't play it. No really, do. It's beautiful. Much more beautiful than your recycled, lame mother... oh, sorry, yes, the graphics in this game are delicious.

The sound is just as a good as full musical score and voiced characters grace our presence. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Some voices are up to snuff to the the AAA titles out there but overall, there is a delightful in the audio department as well. Good job KING Art!

The Book of Unwritten Tales 2

Should You Play?

After all is said and done, I have to determine whether you should play this game or not. It's a tough job people! :-)  In all seriousness, I say give this a try even if you don't care for adventure games. Hey, it might even convince you to not be a cool hearted freak and open you heart and sould to a whole new genre. It could change your life! For those who want a solid adventure game on your console, this is for you. I say either way, it's worth your gaming bucks.

Final Verdict: 

Beautiful graphics, nice sound, a solid meaty adventure for modern consoles. What are you waiting for?

Digital Hippos Recommended