Review: Acer XB270HU 27" G-SYNC Monitor

Acer XB270HU

Packaging and Design

There are those few rare moments in the life of a game/hardware/tech reviewer that you get truly excited. With so many cool things being thrown our way daily (1st World Problems), you almost get geek fatigue with all the flashy new product announcements, uber super resolution gaming trailers, and for sure, the announcement of 4K everything. Great, right? Well, sometimes as most of it just fails to truly excite. Enter the opportunity to jump in review the Acer XB270HU 27" IPS G-SYNC gaming monitor and I was truly stoked. Not only is this beast the first IPS 144hz G-SYNC monitor on the market, the specs alone are just staggering. So, after almost mauling the FedEx guy at the door, I careful but quickly tore this beast open to start testing.

First off, the packaging was truly beautiful to behold and everything was slim, sleek, and slick. No issues were found at all and the glossy black and red accents I think, are fantastic on the eye. Included were several cables and it was all packaged with that fantastic looking stand as you can see in the pics. Getting it set up was a breeze and the adjustable stand really worked well for our desk. Buttons were easy to access and the menu system while simple was extremely easy to use and like most Acer monitors, pretty minimal but that is a good thing. On connections, DisplayPort is your choice here. Nothing else matters at such high refresh rates. Also, I see other connection options in future videos fading away regardless *Cough* DVI *Cough*

Now that the boring stats, specs, and details are out of the way, let's dive into the goods..

Acer XB270HU

Ryse. 40 FPS. Smooth as butter...?

Performance and Gaming

Ok, so the real reason you are reading this review or at all remotely interested in this monitor is because you are a hardcore gamer. Now, of course, the monitor looks extremely sharp and colors are accurate for normal day to day desktop, surfing, and even photo touchup but all that stuff that could eventually pay off and you could do something productive with, that's pretty lame. So, yeah, G-SYNC. NVIDIA G-SYNC! It's pretty sweet. For example, I loaded up the extremely performance heavy Ryse with all the supersampling and bells and whistles cranked up. Even with my GTX 980 Ti, it struggled to stay up above 40 FPS. No matter, that's where G-SYNCs magic takes over and yes, I was running at 40 FPS but it was extremely silky and smooth. Every test I tried, this monitor was absolutely gorgeous regardless of whether I could pump 144hz or 40-60FPS via G-SYNC depending on the game.

Now, Acer also threw in another fantastic feature with ULMB blur-reduction technology. So what does that even mean? Well, at 100hz, we turned on ULMB and it was smoothest, most responsive gaming experience we've ever had. Regardless of whether it was a 3rd person adventure or especially a FPS, the response time and general feel of the game was absolutely stunning. Acer has a winner on their hands here and it will be tough to ever beat.

Acer XB270HU


Value and Conclusion

Look, I could write 10 more pages of all the technical details, super nerdy explanation of G-SYNC, ULMB and all sorts of boring details but the fact of the matter is this: If you are a hardcore gamer, the Acer XB270HU is probably one of the best if not THEE best gaming monitors on the planet. It has a beautiful, sharp and detailed picture but it's really the plethora of motion enhancing technologies at your fingertips that really sets this beast apart, all in an IPS panel. It's definitely not cheap for the size and while I prefer 32" and larger, this is a great size for gaming. So back to motion enhancement, want to run NVIDIA G-SYNC? Done. 144hz with VSYNC? No problem. 100hz with ULMB? Cake. Color me truly impressed with this bad boy. Acer and NVIDIA reps, we'll take three for a triple head setup.

This display is available now. Check out Acers product page for more details.

Final Verdict: 

A truly stunning display in every regard from picture quality to detail but most of all the array of enhancements for an IPS panel. G-SYNC, 144hz, and ULMB are all fantastic in their own right and own use cases. This is the complete package all in a gorgeous black and red accented package. Gamers, enjoy.

Digital Hippos Highly Recommended