Review: 3D Realms Anthology - Steam Edition

3D Realms Anthology - Steam Edition

Intro and Gameplay

Ready for the shortest review ever? Well, here goes: I am a child of the 2000s. Not the 90s. Not the 80s. I kinda understand the recent return of pixelated games. Kinda. This is a huge collection of pixelated games. I guess they inspired a lot of modern games (Tongue in cheek) - Platformers, FPS games, racing; it's all here in low res glory folks.

Graphics and Stuff


Should I Play?

If you like old games, be my frickin' guest and play these. For me, I prefer something a little more modern but for you old sweat 35+ year old geeks that still know DOS commands better than your own children names, have at it. This is a solid collection for the price. And yes, you can buy it right now, RIGHT HERE

Final Verdict: 

If you get pumped up over a bunch of old games from the glory days of PCs (I wasn't a part of that pixelated era), then you will definitely go ga-ga over this huge collection. If you are relatively young and have no apprecaition for the old stuff, you should probably skip this. Either way, for the audience this is aimed for, it's a definitely purchase worthy.

4/5 Stars