Preview: Victor Vran

Victor Vran

Intro and Gameplay

As my first article on the 'Hippos, you have to ask yourself, who is Amy Slattery, who is Victor Vran and why should I even give a flying f&#!?? Well, we have a few things in common. First off, you've probably never heard of either one of us, you probably didn't care five minutes ago and you may not even care now. Fair enough. While I am not interest besides the newest gaming fanatic here on the team, the newest title on Early Access from Haemimont Games should be on your list. Let me sum this up: IT'S LIKE DIABLO III ONLY IT DOESN'T SUCK!! There. End of article. Bahbyenow. Oh, you want some actual details on the game? Fine. Let's get on with it. This game is an interesting twist on the Action RPG genre that has honestly, kinda sucked as of late if it wasn't for the likes of Path of Exile and Grim Dawn. Victor Vran helps the cause too with some nifty weapon skills and details that you actually have to "aim" with mouse to land a hit on the usually host of skeletons and some actually cool baddies. 

Victor Vran

"Oh look. A health bar, skeleton, spells."

Graphics and Stuff

Look, I like good graphics just as much as the next gamer but sometimes, it just doesn't do it for it. With our site requirements of 4k screenshots, my machine really chugged on Victor. No really, this game is still in early access so don't expect perfection but honestly, it is a great looking game if you get off on that sort of thing. Either way, the sound is bone crushing when it needs to be and subtle when it needs to be. It's all where it needs to be if that means anything to you. Ok, I'll spell it out: Everything here is quite generic but at the same time, it feels different from your average cookie cutter Diablo clone. That's a good thing right? Totally. I am pretty excited to see where this goes as it is developed because spells, etc are fun to use and almost feel like LoL or something with the "Q, E" etc keys. Whoooooeeeeee! A MOBA in a ARPG? Color me impressed.

Victor Vran

"Arrow: Season 4"

Should I Play?

I like to wrap things up with a nice little bow, put my arm around your shoulder, and... no, really, just play the bloody game if you like ARPG. It's one of the finest titles right now in the endless sea of mediocrity known as Steam Early access. It's fun, your fingers will bleed from pressing the same keys over and over; it's unique. Just play it.  Over and out from DH Central. Yours truly, Amy Slattery, reporting live from DH Central.