Preview: Titanfall PC

Titanfall Preview


When I first saw footage of Titanfall, the nerd inside of me got extremely excited. Mechs?! Guns?! Ex-Call of Duty team?! I was sold. Then the more I read and saw, I was starting to get hesitant. Could the gaming gods at Respawn really pull off the infantry and mech portions of the game? How about the cool parkour? It just seemed too ambitious and loft. Well, after spending many hours drooling (and sweating) over the keyboard, I can say that this game lives up to the huge amount of hype it's managed to garner. First off, the game feels TIGHT TIGHT TIGHT (ok, no more Breaking Bad references) in every way, especially for a beta. The gunplay, the mech controls, the weapons; it's all fast, furious and extremely intense action. I don't use that world lightly. I can't imagine playing more than an hour or so at a time of this game because the excitement and intensity might make your brain explode. I do wonder about longetivity of game modes and maps. I hope content remains fresh and new. Either way, whether it's the default mode or Last Mech Standing, the gamplay is stellar.

Titanfall Preview

Even the loadout screens are Nerdgasmic.

Graphics and Sound

Anymore, loading up a game on PC feels like gambling most of the time. "Ohhhh please don't be an unoptimized, buggy mess!" constantly enters my mind but thankfully, Titanfall looks great and runs quite smooth. I didn't run into any technical issues running the game (except server issues) and I thought the game looked fantastic. Details were sharp, cityscapes were gritty and lush vegetation in areas that it needed to be. One item of particular note was the awesome rocket effects in the mechs. Drool centrals. The loadout screens are awesome and polished along side the interface as a whole. Some more polish wouldn't hurt in some areas, but this was a beta after all.

Titanfall Preview

Way better than Halo. Yeah, I just typed that.

Along with the graphics, the audio were a nice tour de force through Mech and combat geekmania. Weapon sounds are different but awesome, music was appropriate when active and voices were pretty sweet on the mini screens. Mechs sound and feel beefy with stellar weapon effects and stomping metal feet sounds as you crush your enemies. Overall, an audio delight and one portion I can't wait to hear more of.


Look, I'm not gonna lie. Just a few short weeks ago, I was very hesitant towards Titanfall. I almost thought I'd dislike the beta altogether. Instead, I was treated to something rare. Something different but also something familiar enough to jump right in. I loved every minute of my time with the game and an extremely excited to play the full version. If you have even the slightest interest in mech and our unique shooters, this game is a must. It's coming to PC and Microsoft consoles March 11th. Buck up and preorder soldier! You won't regret it..

Final Verdict: 

While it's hard for me to get super excited about any shooter nowadays, Titanfall managed to do just that. It's familiar enough for players to jump right in but also, and more importantly, it's different enough that it breaks away from the modern shooter stereotype. Graphics and sound are top notch, controls are tight and well-executed and I can't wait to stomp, shoot and pummel all my closest friends. March 11th can't come soon enough.

Hype Meter 4.5/5
Titanfall Preview