Gaming Spotlight September 2013

Montague's Mount

Even though this title is still being developed, the mess in your pants will be complete as you delve this chilling tale dripping with atmosphere and a whole lot of Irish flair. Honestly, there are plenty of creepy games out there but nothing compares to slowly jaunting through a dark, gray beach with every little voice and sound causing you to freak out, in a good way. The graphics are extremely solid and the sound design is absolutely stellar. This is for the gamers who appreciate a good story, a slower paced exploration but wrought with detail and tons of scares. The game will be released on next week but be sure to check out the trailer below and be sure to check out the Steam Greenlight page HERE

Shadow Warrior

The flavor of the week is retro, redux and redos. While some of absolutely nailed the perfect balance of old and new, some games just fail to meet the mark. So, instead of telling you to play or NOT to play this game, I will ask a few simple questions that will help determine your interest in this title.

1 - Do you like gallons of gore and blood?

2 - Do you like people's faces and bodies chopped in half whilst gushing said gore and blood?

3 - Do you like over the type profanity and language in horrible Asian accents such as "Monkey FU*#$@!" being yelled constantly?

4 - Do you like old school insane gameplay mixed with a lengthy campaign and solid graphics?

If you said yes to all of these questions, hide ya' kids, hide ya' wives and go pick this game up ASAP. If you said no to all or most of them, stay away. Stay FAR away! Otherwise, this is a solid remake that I found the graphics to be the highlight of the game but if you like any of the above points, this is the game for you! Just check out the trailer below and you'll be a great taste of the game and its style. BANZAI!