Gaming Spotlight: Knock Knock. Who's There? Metro DLC.

Get ready folks, the usual Fall avalanche of gaming goodness is upon us. Whether you want to dive into a creepy, insomnia filled adventure or blast vile creatures in a radioactive wasteland, there is something for you here today. Two completely different titles but both gems in a vast field of gaming nuggets both good and bad. Check em out!


Instead of starting out this feature with a horrible, childish knock-knock joke, let's just say, there is nothing childish or horrible (besides some of the creatures) about this odd but stunning like gem of a game by the folks at Ice-pick Lodge. It's not a conventional game by any means as a gibberish speaking insomniac who has to wander around several different.. "homes" and surrounding areas. Besides diving in and ruining all the fun, this is something unique enough that has to be experienced. Turn out the lights, crank the sound and you will see what I mean! The graphics are stellar, the sound design as stunning and it is dripping with dread. The game isn't long and some may be put off by the slower game pace but check out the video below for a taste of the madness and check out the full game on Steam now!\

Rating: 3.5/5 Stars

Metro: Last Light DLC

Wanna know what is annoying? The fact that a lot of gaming sites don't review DLC or they won't give it a score because it's against their moral code or something. Well, they suck and we are neat. Besides a stellar original game, we have presented with huge chunks of quality (most of it) DLC for this creepy, action packed romp (I love that word) through the subways and crusty wastelands of post nuclear Russia. Our favorite of the bunch of course is the Spiders Liar DLC and if it doesn't make your skin crawl, you might not have a pulse. Better get that checked. Featuring sniping missions, story filling outing, combat simulators and lots of spiders, there is something for everyone in this wonderful piece(s) of DLC. Last Light is good enough on it's own but this just is icing on the cake. Another shining moment is the Anna DLC where you get to snipe stuff. Yeah, it's awesome. Avaiable now on Steam.

Rating: 4/5 Stars -- Digital Hippos Recommended