Gaming Spotlight: Card Hunting Nightmares from the Deep

Nightmares from the Deep: The Cursed Heart

Look, I know what you are thinking, "A hidden object game?!" Yeah, that is what I was thinking as well when I first dove into Nightmares. Although my inner geek was resisting this genre and title, I knew just a few minutes in, this was something different, something different than the thousands of clones out there. First off, this is pirate themed but it's also dark and exciting, not lame and watered down like a lot of "themed" hidden object games. Also, it's not just screen after screen of hidden objects with mind-numbing objectives. Cutscenes, amazing graphics, eerie sound design and more make this title come to life and not only that, worth your while. There are plenty o' puzzles, interactive sequences and fantastic design that sets this as a new standard in the genre. Seriously, this game needs to be in your library. You can check out the Steam Greenlight page HERE and check out the trailer below. ARRRRRR MATEYS!

Card Hunter

Wow, two genre and mold breaking games in one article?! Yep, that's right. Does the above screenshot make you bored? Well, shame on you. Card Hunter is a browser based game focusing on card/skill collecting and turn based combat that is so polished, it shines like the top of the Chysler Building! (Name that movie) Once again, I dove into this title with complete hesitation and came out completely addicted. The best part of the game? It's completely free to play at The even better part? It's not loaded with the endless tide of nagging micro transactions that not only annoy but detract from the atmosphere. It's all tied together in a neat little package with stellar sound, tons of levels and if you want to be the loot club, you can pay a premium. I don't want to spoil anything for you but this game as well gets me super excited to see what comes next. The audio is a riot, the loot is a blast to collect and the gameplay is exciting and varied. If you like fantasy at all, you need to check this puppy out ASAP!