Games We Are Playing. Games You Should Be Playing.

See those tired, bleary eyed nerds in the pic? Yeah, that's what we look like after another month of gaming goodness that has blown us away. Are all the games we are playing perfect? No sir. But, they are worth your time in taking a gander! Check out the summaries below sorted from best to.. pretty good.

Guacamelee! is above and beyond the coolest, slickest, mas Taco Bell meets Luchador meets Nacho Libre video game this month.. or... ever. Featuring amazing graphics, music and some hilarlity mixed with stellar gameplay, this is the best game we are currently playing. If any of those descriptors excite you, and they should, check this game out, PRONTO! Available on Steam and other digital outlets.

WHAAAA?! A triple AAA game below an indie title? Don't get too upset. Both titles are excellent and Saints Row IV is definitly worth your time if you are into a little more adult, open ended world gameplay with some crazy physics, Matrix style action mixed with guns, gags and some gross out moments. If you played SR3, you know what to expect and if you like the third entry in the series, you will LOVE numero IV. Check this sucker out. 

Manchild! The hits just keep on coming! Seriously, another complete 180 away from SRIV, comes Divinity: Dragon Commander from the studs at Larian Studios. I likes me some dragons. I loves me some Risk. I likes me some quality graphics and sound but I REALLY likes when they are all mixed together into a gaming pot and titles like this are formed. How can you not be intrigued after that description?! This is merry mix up of gaming genres that works better than expected. Dragons ho!

Race. Race the Sun. How do you race the sun?! Now I now after playing this little gem that is seriously about as addicting as they come. The premise is simple: race the sun. Wait, how can that be fun? Trust us. Old school racing mixed with modern effects and a killer soundtrack. Sign us up!

Last and unfortunately, definitely the least, ROTT is the modern version of that insane 90's title of the same name. Over the top guns? Check. Buckets o' gore? Check. Cheat codes? Check. What's missing though is the fun from first title from many years back. Still, if you have the hankering for some blistering fast FPS action, you could do much worse.