Blu-ray Review: The Wolverine

The Wolverine Blu-ray

The Film

Marvel films have always been a pleasure to me. While some films are quite good (The first two X-Men films were fantastic), some are more of a guilty please, like the first Wolverine film. It wasn't perfect but it was a lot of fun. Enter The Wolverine the latest take on our tormented hero in a mystical tale set mostly in Japan. Now, the intro featured here in both, dark, mean and violent. Yeah, Wolverine is not a friendly person but guess what, IT WORKS. Without spoiling the film, let's just say that our hero ends up Japan and things just go downhill from there. Despite an absolutely stunning flasback in Japan, I can't believe this story actually got the greenlight from Marvel Studios. It flops around from dark, violent and gritty to a CGI laden mess and.. 50+ ninjas with rope arrows. If you leave your brain at the door, you may have some fine but I came in with low expectations and came out shaking my head. Wolverine diehard fans only.

The Wolverine Blu-ray

At least the video and audio are stunning. This shot was captured after Hugh Jackman read the script.

The Video

The Wolverine starts out strong in the video department and remains strong throughout the entire film. Sporting a gorgeous 2.40:1 tranfer, it's pretty much reference material all around. From the bombastic intro to dark, rainy nights, blacks and shadows are deep yet detailed. Skin tones are absolutely solid and sharp details are present on skin, hair, people pulling off their faces (yes, it happens) and every ripple of Hugh Jackman's MUSKELS. Yes ladies, you can suffer through this movie at your husbands request to see good ol' Hugh with his shirt off plenty of times. Honestly, this is an amazing transfer and deserves the highest praise I can give.

The Wolverine Blu-ray

This is exactly what I wanted to do by the time the movie ended.

The Audio

Alongside the video, the DTS-HD Master Audio 7.1 track is absolutely stellar. The intro during WWII packs so much bass, punch and dynamic surround, I was instantly pulled into the film. Throughout, there is a lot of slicing, dicing and even the dialogue sounds good. There is plenty going on in the surrounds and the lows and LOW. So, one again a flawed film at least has so much quality eye and ear candy, it makes me even more bummed out that the film couldn't have gotten as much care as the audiovisual portion. Either way, this is a reference disc throughout, especially the intro.

Final Verdict: 

When I come into a superhero film with no expectations, generally, I come out with a smile on my face at least enjoying the ride. With The Wolverine all I could pull is the first 15 mins or so of the movie were stunning but it just fell apart from there. By the end, it's just a mess of robots, ninjas and.. ninja robots. Featuring gorgeous visual and heart pounding audio, it's a shame the movie itself couldn't be as spectacular.

3.5/5 Stars