Blu-ray Review: Tarja Turunen & Harus: In Concert - Live at Sibelius Hall

The Film

Tarja-whodi-whatty-what'n? Look, you even know who Tarja Turunen is, or you don't. If you don't, she is the ex-lead singer of the Finnish symphonic metal band, Nightwish. She has an amazing range and her vocals are haunting to say the least. Now out on a solo career, she strips (Don't get your hopes up) most of the metal and sticks more with the operatic and symphonic. This is a unique show as it has quite a few electric guitar pieces but they are mostly very mellow and melodic instead of crushing your ears with madness. Whether you prefer a heavier or more soft sound, you'll mostly just get soft here. Filmed in 2009, this concert is a beautiful arrangement of songs but will most likely only please the most serious of Tarja/Nightwish fans.

He built this organ. He built this organ on Rock N' Roll.

The Video

As you may notice from the included screenshots, this 1080i video transfer leaves much to be desired. I was a bit shocked as a few times I thought I was watching a upscaled DVD from the mid 90s. It's a bit strange as I have been spoiled as of late with pristine transfers but this made my eyes hurt a little. Is it horrible? No, but for a concert that is only a few years old, this seems quite unacceptable. Black levels are deep and dark but colors are mostly drab including some very muddy faces and lack of detail. This is about as medicore of Blu-ray transfer as they come.

In my best opera voice: "Is thaaaat my ex-husbaaand in the crowdddd?!"

The Audio

Luckily, the included DTS-HD 5.1 sound track comes to the much needed rescue on this disc. Tarja's voice is clear as a bell and quite lovely while the organ, electric guitars and percussion are smooth and clean. This definitely won't rock your surround sound by any means but it definitely has a fine sound to any discerning ear. Regardless of whether you like this artist or genre, this is a fine sounding disc. Kudos to Eagle Vision for continuing its amazing audio quality.

Final Verdict: 

If you are into amazing music that sounds amazing but could easily put you to sleep, then Tarja is for you. There is a lot of content here and while a lot of the songs sound very similar, the selection is vast. Honestly, even though this isn't my cup of tea, I know there are some Nightwish fans out there that would love to hear this. With top notch sound but a mediocre video transfer, you'll have to decide if it's worth the purchase.

3.5/5 Stars