Blu-ray Review: Skyfall

The Film

I have no qualms saying that I had lost all hope in the Bond series when I watched Pierce Brosnan windsail on a huge CG wave and villians with cheesy diamond faces on hovercrafts. Were the late 90s and early 2000 Bonds a lot of fun? Sure, if you were either incoherent and just want a dumb popcorn flick. Casino Royale ushered in a whole new Bond era that I personally, have loved to death. Even after the semi-stinker that was Quantum of Solace, Bond is back in full force here. Gone is any hint of cheese or sillyness and it's pure kick butt Bond action but smart action. M is in center stage and I love how they tied her back to the extremely creepy villian played by Javier Bardiem. Despite a somewhat forced ending, I enjoyed this ride from beginning to end even after multiple viewings. Bond is back and you can count on more adventures coming soon. (So much for no more cheese)

I present to you, the Bond Money Shot (tm)

The Video

There are a few words that come to mind when I want to describe the 2.40:1 video transfer that 20th Century Fox has conjured up for Skyfall's much anticipated release on Blu-ray. Stunning. Elegant. Razor sharp. Need I go on? As you can see from these screen grabs, present are extremely deep black, a withdrawn pallette yet still keeping a lucious pallette. Defition that is beyond compare. It may sound like I am describing food or something of that sort but honestly, the 1080p transfer is top notch here. Reference quality throughout, another set of kudos to Fox for continuing their streak of extremely strong transfers.


And queue the music from Annie "It's a hard knock life, for me!"

The Audio

Hide ya kids. Hide ya wives. Hide ya husbands, because this DTS-HD 5.1 soundtrack is rockin the whole neighborhood. I applaud the sound designers and mixers that can create a boombastic, action packed sound field but also keep dialogue and music balanced and smooth. Such is the case here as the action and chaos never mess with the subtle dialogue, especially from the films main villian. Gun shots are loud and defined, explosions are fierce but all that is overshadowed by an amazing surround and bass showcase with a helicopter near the end of the film. Without ruining too much, let's just say that when you hear the whirring of helicopter blades and the errie sound of classic rock through crude speakers, CRANK IT! This disc is reference quality in every way shape and form.

Final Verdict: 

Regardless of your feeling for Bond films of the past, Skyfall should be on everyone's Must Own list of Blu-rays. From a stellar, emotional yet action packed story to the sharp, beautiful video transfer, the cherry on top is the DTS-HD audio track that is stunning to say the least. Bond is back and this is a disc you shouldn't miss.

4.5/5 Stars -- Digital Hippos Approved