Blu-ray Review: Shania Twain: Still the One

Shania Twain: Still the One

The Concert

Well, I'm just gonna say it right out: I AM NOT A FAN OF COUNTRY MUSIC. Ok, ok, I have liked some of the songs that my parents blasted on their big stereo when speakers used actually be made of quality wood and components but still, I NEVER purposely play any sort of country, western or whatever the genre is referred to these days. That being said, when I got the opportunity to review a concert from Shania Twain on Blu-ray, I thought, "Meh, maybe it will look and sound good regardless." Well, much to my surprise, not only did I enjoy the concert as a whole, the track "Any Mine of Man" is absolutely fantastic and one of new concert tracks to blast to friends and family. Yes, there are definitely some cheesy numbers and the ones of the horse on stage, kill me now. Either way, uberfans of Shania will love to see her in almost of top form and those like me who don't care much at all for the genre, sit back, crank it up and get over yourself.

The Video

Ahhh... I love a sharp, colorful and deep black filled concert production. Honestly, they are pretty rare. This Blu-ray shines across the board with a huge array of different in your face lights, colors and costume changes. Blacks are quite deep and colors pop. You will absolutely love this disc on a quality display and I have to say, it's one of the best looking concerts I have seen to date. BAM!

The Audio

With two different PCM 2.0 and DTS-HD 5.1 tracks, you can pick and choose your preference of audio flavor. Either way, we cranked the 5.1 track and it felt just like we were in Vegas (Without the escorts, strange smells and traffic) and right in the middle of the concert. Once again, "Any Man of Mine" blasted at high volumes will bring a smile to anyones face and if you don't smile, you don't have a soul.

This is a quality release across the board and should not be missed. You can buy the disc HERE

Final Verdict: 

Brilliant sound, video, and a fantastic concert all come together in this gem of a disc. While some numbers are beyond cheesy, the pros outweight the cons in a rare concert production that even country haters can enjoy.

4.5/5 Stars - Digital Hippos Highly Recommended