About Us

Digital Hippos is a menu for all all the fun things that distract you from the crushing existential singularity that is real life, written by a super-sexy guerilla think-tank of unpaid scribes/misunderstood geniuses/actual humans who are in no way cyborgs. That means film, television, video games and music; that means news, previews, reviews, critical discourse, podcasts, videos, blogs. Most importantly, that means you. Yes, you! Love it? Live it? Just got something to say? Then share it! We want to know, so make your voice heard in our comments, blogs and forums, or hit us up on Twitter or Facebook. Are you an aspiring contributor, potential advertiser, or soliciting a review? Then, please, feel free to contact us directly.

What Digital Hippos is not, and will never be, is an aggressive hive-mind of super-powered cyborgs conspiring to conquer the Earth-world using human slaves whose minds we control through their computer screens. No, sir-or-madame, that’s not at all what we are.

So, what are you waiting for? Be assimilated—I mean—why don’t you join us?

Gary The Hippo
“So what’s with the hippo?”

Well, that’s awfully forward and -- might I say -- quite rude. What if I walked up to your mom and demanded to know, “so what’s with [your name here]?” Well, I doubt you’d appreciate that one bit!

If you must know, you tactless troglodyte, that’s Gary the Hippo, beloved Generalissimo of the Digital Hippos roving death cybor--I mean... er... electronic entertainment magazine.

Sure, he looks a little... “off”... but all the great ones do! Did The Fonz fit in with everyone else? No! And we IDOLIZED him for it! Similarly, we idolize Gary, because he represents everything we love.

Now you may be asking, “how is a hippo emblematic of film, games, music, television, world domination and synthesizing human flesh into an efficient and infinitely-renewable fuel source?” Well, shut up is how! Those are the kinds of questions that get you synthesized into an efficient and infinitely-renewable fuel source.

And be sure to thank Manuel from Tempula Studios, the overmind who gave man-birth to our glorious leader.

The Digital Hippos Crew

Travis Morrison - Founder

Travis always liked stuff, different stuff, like video games and music. He also liked the internet and that magical hippo creature he saw on Animal Planet. He used to think, “if only there were a way to combine them...”

Paul Crane - Jack of All Trades

Paul grew up with Travis and also likes stuff. He left his suit and tie behind to help Travis with his dream hippo project... because he likes hippos...and ice cream! He’s currently saving money for their next joint-venture: digitalicecream.com

Christian Higley - Editor and Community Manager

Christian ('Higgles' to his friends) was always destined for great things. Eventually, he abandoned his plans to conquer Europe in favor of the much-more lucrative, exciting field of games writing! Someday, he might even get paid for it.

Dustin Orgill - Tech & Gaming Lead

Dustin has been gaming since age 3 when Santa put an Atari 2600 under his tree. The rest is history (Or at least the chance to ever become some buff sports dude) - He loves acoustic guitar, digital photography and pretty much any gaming system but PC games and hardware are his bread & butter. There is no way he could pursue these interests without an amazingly patient wife and guess what? She even likes to watch him play Uncharted and Gears of War. Snarf.

Community Voices

Those of you who work tirelessly and without pay (but with much praise and admiration) for the good of Digital Hippos, making your opinions heard far and wide across electronic web. We shall refer to you, collectively, as “Sexy.”

Sexy, DH would be nothing without you. Well, that’s not entirely true -- DH would be something, just not what it is, nor what it could be, which is and will be something we happen to like or will like quite a bit more than what else it could be -- that other thing, without you, that it neither is nor will ever be.

Thank you, Sexy, for all that you do.